Dave Rhodes

Cell: 323-828-3078
Email: Brokin311@aol.com
Web: www.RhodesART.com


“A brilliant piece of historical surrealism”
– The Times Picayune

“One of the most notorious shots in Snowboarding history.”
– Snowboarder Magazine

"This imaginative artist takes landscape photography to new creative levels. The natural world is simply a starting point for portraying his ideas about humanity, technology, and the environment, while also finding bold new ways of photographic expression."
- Patrick Myers, National Park Service

Dave Rhodes / The Artist

It wasn’t until 2007 that Dave truly became an artist using his cell phone to create abstract images that started to gain attention as art. Four years later, he has exhibited or worked with NASA, US National Parks, Art Below (London), Voodoo Fest, CBS Outdoor, Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk, Fuse TV, Snowboarder Magazine, Keds, and gained press from Nylon Magazine, The Times Picayune, and more.

His "Duned" Series exhibited in Colorado for the US National parks over a span of nine months and was seen by over 300,000 visitors. The series was then acquired by NASA and shipped overnight to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, to be hung in time for the visiting Astronauts to see. The art was well received by NASA employees and visitors while on display over the next year, and remains in NASA’s permanent collection.

Living in New Orleans for the last three years and growing daily as an artist, Dave is finding new avenues of expression using any and every kind of medium. Exciting new displays of work are coming soon.

Dave Rhodes / The Entertainment Industry

Growing up in Los Angeles on film sets as a child, its no wonder that he fell into the business. Notably, under the guidance of his cousin, producer Matthew Rhodes (President of Mandalay Vision), In the beginning Dave helped longtime UTA agent April Lim start Global Artists Agency as an executive assistant for several years. He also worked as an executive assistant for his cousin, often traveling to major film festivals and creating a pitch that was heard by the Vice President of Universal. After working with Matt, Dave began a three year working relationship with Writer / Director, Marc Rocco. In this time he would help develop and produce, working with Michelle Anthony (former COO of Sony BMG) and Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam Management) to name a few.

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